Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We'll Be a Pretty Family!

Today Trysten was telling me that he was older than a kid because he was taller than him. I said, "Remember, God made people all different shapes, colors, sizes, sexes; so it doesn't really matter how tall, that doesn't mean he's younger than you." Trysten says, "Yeah, like we're peach, Tariku is brown and Dailah is yellow. We're going to be a pretty family!" (I know, Dailah's yellow?) Pretty cute. I love the way kids think of that kind of stuff.

It's official. We got the keys handed over to us. The contractors are done and now we have just the painter to paint the trim and the carpenters. Pretty flippin exciting. And guess who already moved in our bathrooms? I DID, I DID!!! :) I forget, have I mentioned how much I like having a shower/tub that drains yet? Stop me if I've told you all that before.

No word on the adoption front today. Since I've given up on the 13th, I've got my sights set on the 20th more than any other date thus far. My friends are going and, I've decided, we are too. I want to see that picture come to life. In all honesty, I've become somewhat calm about the whole thing. Perhaps I've officially handed it over to God? I hope He does a better job at it than I have (I have no doubts). Doesn't mean you get to slack off on your prayers/Celine Dion hits. Keep 'em coming s'il vous plait (that's "Please" in French. I shall culture-ize you yet!)


ChiTown Girl said...

Maybe Dailah is "yellow" because she's blond? Then again, so is he... Congrats on having the contractors finish up!! I'm so jealous. I started a remodeling job on my basement nearly 3 YEARS ago, and it's STILL not finished :(

Chatter said...

Awesome news on the house! Now for some more awesome news..... c'mon travel date. I am so excited for you to get your travel date and I'm hoping you'll be with us :)

Have a great day!