Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Called "Nesting" Folks...

and that's exactly what is going on right now with me! If Zach so much as misplaces his finger I might just throw it out. Everything has it's place, right? I don't remember nesting when I was pregnant, probably because I was too big to move. I primarily sat on the edge of my bed and made the noises that we beached whales make. So this is all new for me. I kinda dig it, I'm not going to lie. This place has never looked better (and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that we just moved in to most of it a few days ago). Now if only I could get myself to nest about myself...i.e. new hair color, new cut, you know those kinds of things.

So today I was depositing money in the bank (thanks to my cousins Kelsie and Neil and mom and dad for giving us some money toward the trip, we love you!) I was making small talk with the banker who I know a bit because he was our notary for our dossier documents. I also try to make it a habit to get to know the people who know how much money we have in our bank account (not much FYI) so that they start to feel bad if they laugh at us once the car pulls away. Anywho, he asks how our Easter was. I say it was great, how was yours? Trysten from the peanut gallery says,

"Mom, tell him that Jesus rose from the dead."
"He knows, Trysten."
"How does he know, mommy?"
"Because I've talked to him about it before." (That's a lie)
"You have?"
"Yes" (No)
"Ok, well what if he forgot?"
"He didn't."
"How do you know, mom?"
"Because you haven't forgotten, so he hasn't either."
"That makes sense mom, it's hard to forget that a guy rose from the dead, it's kind of gross."
"Yeah kind of gross in a beautiful way honey, quiet time now."

Cue the "Bringing Sexy Back."

Whew, I know I always wanted children to challenge me in all kinds of ways but seriously. I know all the other Christians are hating on me because I didn't take this moment to evangelize but I'm hoping he can see I'm a Jesus lover by my bank account. I'm trying to get as close to the poor as I can here. :)

P.S. 9 MORE DAYS!!!!!


Matthew and Amanda said...

Okay, too funny, as I am reading your post I am sitting with hair dye on my head and and the pedicure thingys between my toes!! My crazy nesting is spilling over onto myself.


TJRF said...

Great post! I was once again laughing out loud at your blog.


PS- Keep it Red!

Cindy said...

Funny Stuff Tesi!! What a smart kid you have :)
Woo-Hoo on 9 more days!!

Mama Sweet Pea said...

Okay, I am rolling on the floor laughing! Ya gotta love kids. Oh and when you finish nesting at your house....come on over!


Our nesting started and then stalled. We are moving to the DC area in July. DH got into Med School (YEAH!) Is Iowa along the way? :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Too cute!! Out of the mouths of babes... The other day I had clicked on your pictures from Easter so they would enlarge, and I gotta say, you truly are stunning! I wouldn't change a thing!!