Thursday, March 27, 2008

6 Days

I got so much paperwork done yesterday it's not even funny. We really just need our dearest notarizer, Nathan, to notarize the two documents and we are done. Finished. Smooth sailing from here on our, right?

It's crazy weird how I vacillitate between numb with excitement and numb with fear. I was like this with the other two as well. With T, he was my first, so there's always those feelings of losing the life you've come to know, etc, etc. With your second, you're always wondering how in the world you could love this one as much as the first or if you had enough love for the two of them. With the third, it's a combination of those two and realizing we're outnumbered. No longer can it be a "you take one, I'll take the other" conversation. It's a little intimidating to think about.

Though as my last two experiences have taught me, no matter how hesitant I am to believe this child will be loved as much as it deserves and as much as I can possibly have, I know it will be true. I know I'll continue to love them all equally regardless. I know Zach and I will get used to working in a zone defense and continue to give each one some one-on-one time.

All that said, it still just about gave me a coronary when I was RSVPing to a wedding in May and wrote "5" as the number we would be bringing. Isn't "5" only reserved for my parents and their kids? Oh how quickly I've become my mother. :)


rebekah said...

There's stuff that needs to be notarized???? Guess I better tackle that paperwork today!!!

Just a few more days!!!

Numb is a good description, I'd feel overwhelmed but it would stop me in my tracks and there's just too much to be done!

!!!!! Just wanted to add more exclamation marks.

See you soon!!!

Mama Sweet Pea said...

You will LOVE having three. Out-numbered by your children is a great feeling. (okay...most days!)

I can't wait to hear all about your sure to remember all the little quirky things so you can pass them on to me!!! Enjoy these last days as a mama of 2!

Cindy said...

Yeah!! I am so excited for you! I cannot believe that it is happening in less then a week. Have a wonderful trip. It goes by faster then you can imagine. Learn as much Amharic on the way over there as you can. WE really wish that we had learned much more then we did. Having 3 has been overwhelming and is getting easier every day. I hope you do updates while you are there :)