Saturday, March 08, 2008

3 Down, 4 More To Go

We have three rooms down and they look amazing! 4 more to go. It's going to suck.

One thing I learned today. My family is the best family in the world ( I already knew that but it was reiterated). I'm not kidding. They came at 8 am (a 2 hr drive) and just left. They were even at my house painting by themselves for a couple hours while I worked and Zach took the kids to an exhibity thing. AMAZING that's what they are. Blessed, that's what I am.

Gotta go, my bones hurt.

By the way, word is if we hear by this Friday that our stuff is ready in ET we can still go on the 20th. So now you have a new deadline with the whole Big Man Upstairs. Please let us get through everything before Friday!


Chatter said...

Your family does rock! That was super nice of them. Can't wait for some AWESOME news this week :)

TJRF said...

I have a feeling you will hear Tuesday morning at the latest, probably on Monday though! Just a hunch.

Mrs. Baker said...

Checking in....waiting anxiously!!!

Cindy said...

oooohhhhhh! We will be thinking of you Friday (if the horrible jet lag induced migraine has worn off) ;)
seriously even if it is still on I will be hoping to get to wave to you at the airport. Good Luck!!!!!