Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cool Pictures

A woman on the forum posted these pictures of the area Tariku is from. Take a look, I think you can see how he turned out so beautiful..he was absolutely SURROUNDED by beauty! http://ethiopianadoptiontravelogue.wordpress.com/2007/07/20/shinshicho-and-hadero-photos/
Click on the "shin" tab when you see the picture.

A few of my close forum friends "Mrs. Blaker" and "Watching Them Grow" are going to travel March 20th. It would be so very cool to travel with them. Oh, how I long to sing, "I'm leaving on a Jet Plane".

Until then, I'll just stare at more pictures and imagine our Tariku growing up there!


Chatter said...

Slow down turbo, no word on travel yet. I REALLY hope it's the 20th though. I'll keep ya posted!

Cindy said...

When I talked to Kristina today I asked is you could travel with us :)
I hope you get news very soon. It would be wonderful if you could travel with the 3/20 group...it is filled with great people. Still hoping for you.