Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Fun Day?

Today my goal is to be uuber productive in hopes that I won't keep remembering that the time keeps ticking to travel on the 27th. Our agency said they should know more info today. This is great, except it's not. Odds are I'll have the phone duct taped to my ear and check my email every 2 minutes and they won't call. I'll end up calling/writing and then MAYBE hear something. Let's hope today is different. :)

Went to two good restaurants with 2 great sets of people over the weekend. It was nice to take my mind off things! So today I'll try that again. Go to the Y, to Terre's (don't want to drive all the way back in to camp just to go to grocery store after naps), grocery store, move more stuff upstairs, cook dinner. Watch THE BACHELOR YIPPEEEE, and then go to bed. Let's hope this is a success.

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