Saturday, March 22, 2008

God's Just Showing Off

That's what Zach said about this adoption process yesterday. For so long we felt like God wasn't answering our prayers. Or rather, that He wasn't answering them how WE wanted Him to. :) Our court date was late, our travel date was late, etc, etc.

Yesterday Zach was sitting at a coffee shop and saw a group of people who he thought might be Ethiopian. They were speaking a language that sounded like Amharic (my amazing husband has been learning as much as he can) so he asked one of them where they were from. They said Eritrea (country boarding Ethiopia) and Ethiopia. Zach went on to talk to him and his family. The woman with him was apparently getting her citizenship that day and they were celebrating. Zach gave them our number and address, they were open to a relationship where we could learn more about the country and culture.

Mrs. Baker and I have been talking to one another about this adoption for awhile. Her family is picking up their little guy this week in Ethiopia. She has been such a comfort to me and her family has been such a Godsend, there are absolutely no words to describe it. I feel like God has given me our relationship as a reward for my "patience" (as most of you know, that word has to be in quotes as I've not necessarily been the picture of patience, but whatever, I'm here aren't I?)

It's so amazing to me how sometimes I feel like Tariku has been a part of our lives for so long and then other times I look at his picture and think, "I can't believe that little guy will be part of our family in such a short time." Right now I can only imagine what it will be like when he's home. Yet I do embrace what life is like without him here.

Tonight a few of our friends came over for dinner. I was able to put Dailah down with no problem, and then Trysten. We were able to enjoy dinner and a few drinks as adults, without the kids around. It was great. I got a few "Your kids are so well behaved" comments and sat back in my state of blissful momhood.

It's crazy to want to throw another in the mix isn't it? To want to take this momhood mold I've made and take a rolling pin to it, pound it out with my fist so it's nice and flat and then squish it up between my fingers to change the shape altogether. That's crazy, right? Call me crazy but I want to throw in a few different ingredients to see what kind of goodness I can come up with. That's what's going to happen in just 11 days. In less than 2 weeks, I'll get to feel that little boy in my arms. Oh how they ache with anticipation right now.


Emily said...

I got my Saveur magazine in the mail on Friday (one of my favorites) & it happened to have a feature story with about 6 pages of pictures, stories, and RECIPES! I can't wait to show it to you at book club next weekend...will you make it or will you be packing?! :)

Emily said... point is, Ethiopian recipes! :)

I'm tired.

7 week old baby does that to a mom.


ChiTown Girl said...

Happy Easter!