Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pity Party

Again...I'm so happy for my friends on the forum with travel dates...BUT

The people who got their referral the same week we got ours are traveling February 7th (the day of our court appearance of course).

Today is a pity party. I'm mourning all the possibilites of what could have and should have been. They are counting down the days until they can describe, in detail, how their kids smell and laugh. I can *only* hope for the word that he is ours (that is a HUGE *only*, I'm really excited for that, but...you know the rest)

Pity party for Tesi day..where's the darn cookie dough? Is 3PM too early for a glass (or two) of wine? Jody you interested? :)


Chatter said...

Was all your stuff sent in the same day or did something delay it? That stinks if you had nothing holding you back. Sorry about the bummer day. I'm excited b/c they got travel dates 2 weeks from receiving their birth certificate. That's good news for us right??

I tagged you on my blog (trying to keep you plenty distracted) *smile*. Hope you are feeling better :)


jody said...

i'm there.

tkladynred said...

Tesi, the cookie dough is in the tub in the fridge......love you.........tmama

Cindy said...

You deserve to throw a pity party! I am hoping that you will make it through court without incident and that we will get to travel together...early March is sounding really good to me...what do you think? :)
Fingers Crossed

Mama Sweet Pea said...

I would mail you some serious cookie dough, but it is too cold to go to the post office! I think you def. deserve a huge pity party and a whole bottle of wine if necessary (don't mix with the cookie dough...could be a rude awakening in the am!)

Big ole hugs to you...