Friday, January 11, 2008

On Brothers

Lately when I look at Trysten, I see a lot of my brother. Those who have been on this blog journey with me for awhile know I have always been overprotective of my brother. When we were younger we were BFF. We would team up on my sister (sorry Kbear) and just hang out, have some fun. But I was always overprotective of him and still am, probably to a fault seeings he is 21 and perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

But lately I get those movie-style flashes when Trysten says something or makes a face, it reminds me so much of Marcus. When Marcus was 5, I was 9, so I think the ages are lining up when my memory is readily available. Perhaps that's why for the most part I can't get enough of this stage with Trysten, he reminds me so much of Marcus.

This picture is one of those times, it's the smirk or something about him, can't put my finger on it but it's there nonetheless. Proud to be a sister to my brother and a mom to my son.

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kait said...

was marcus's head that big?