Monday, January 28, 2008

Had Me Such A Hard Night/Day

My mom used to always say that when she got home from work, as a joke most of the time, "I had me sucha hard day!" Well, that speaks volumes to my day/night.

Yesterday Dailah had started coming down with a cough, etc. She went to bed alright but, what turns out to be truly ironic decided to NOT sleep as soon as we went down. From midnight on she would not go to sleep, her eyes were closed but nothing. It was awful!! I've always known I was no good without at least 8 hours of sleep but today just proved it. So finally at about 7, after rocking her for 45 minutes she fell asleep. I put her in her crib. My friend called to see if I could teach her PUMP class at 11:15. Dailah woke up at 7:03.

Called the doc, appointment at 1:15, great. Went to the Y. Dailah started to get a fever so I took her to PUMP class and lifted her instead of my weight rack, can we say "that's a mom?" She ended up falling asleep when I was doing lunges for a couple minutes. We get to the doctor, turns out she has an ear infection and the same asthmatic-type-thing as her favorite big brother. Since she's too young for a daily Singulair she's now on a steroid to open up her lungs.

So we go to my in-laws to take naps (we've been going there since our house is a construction zone) well the door is locked and my key doesn't work. I go downstairs because last time my key worked there, nope. I was hotter than a hornet at this time. Load the kids back in the car and head home. We made it and Dailah (and myself) slept through the construction. Regardless of the 2 hour nap I waited anxiously until Zach got home so I could get away for a bit to Jeff's Market (our local grocer). I'm not even going to tell you what I was wearing but here's a hint...I wore it to PUMP.

Anyhow, I get to the store and mosey through all of the aisles (the big 6 of them) seeing what I could do. Take a deep breath in, bring in good thoughts; deep breath out, say bye to bad thoughts. Oh, Oreos! Hello good thoughts. Oh cookie dough, you are my home and I love you, I will have you. Oh, wine! I can breath easier just looking at you. Thanks for that! I think with the three of you by my side I shall be buffered should tonight turn as ugly as last night.

I go to the checkout line (by the by, I did have some milk with me, I wasn't totally bad). The checkout "young woman" has her high school sweatshirt on. Make up done, ponytail done messy, it's all the rage. She looks at me and asks for my birthdate. I tell her and she says, "You're young!" Granted, it was a slip but she couldn't have sounded more surprised if she said, "You're Brad Pitt!"

I look at that pretty face and think, "Honey, this is you in 10 years. You see these socks with sandals? That's coming. See this hair with the crease from a day-long ponytail? That's you too. This crap on my shoulder, yah, that's spit up, that's coming too sweet cheeks." Don't let this smile fool you, bad thoughts enter this brain.

I got in my car and cracked open the cookie dough. No spoon, just ate, it akin to how some choose a healthier item like a banana. Have no fear, I soon forgot about my teenage nemesis and delighted in the goodness that is Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough.

Here's to either: a better night for Dailah OR Nestle seeing this blog and giving me a free lifetime supply of cookie dough.


Mrs. Baker said...


I just found you!

So a few things - One - I love Paula Dean and have a love hate with target as well - Two - Our boys are about the same age and probably buddies at the Care Center right now - Three - Our court dates are about 7 days apart - so we may just be in Ethiopia together!

I am totally adding you to my top - and will keep following!

Farm-Raised said...

I laughed outloud, sister!!

Too funny.


kait said...

i'm appalled...socks with sandals? never.

Chatter said...

LOL. Thanks for the laugh. I loved all of it but particularly where the cashier will be in 10 years. Seriously though - socks w/sandals? We gotta talk!

Hope things get better. I spent 5 weeks at a Super 8 with a little one. No sleep STINKS.