Friday, January 04, 2008


Firstly, found out tonight that Zach has to be out of town the week we're supposed to get fingerprints done. Setback #1.

Secondly, soo excited about successful court dates for my forum buddies. There was even a forum buddy who received their referral 11/15 (we got ours 11/12) and got through court yesterday. They will be traveling in about 5 weeks. This means ours should "theoretically" be just around the corner. There is no concrete evidence, however, seeings our homestudy was stalled out there for a few weeks.

Thirdly, this is a glimpse into our night just one hour ago:

We had just finished eating dinner, Zach was cleaning up and I was doing some laundry when I hear, "Tesi, a little help!"
I go running into the kitchen to find Zach lifting Dailah up from her booster seat, she has some substance on her pants.
Zach says, "She shit her pants."
I said, "That's shit?"
Zach, "Well it's either that or she got ahold of a chocolate milkshake and I didn't realize it."
Tesi, "My God, it smells like death, you know I'm not good at these kinds of things." (Editors note: My blog is called "flawed mom" because I'm just that, I hate all things that "run" out of children. If it's done when Zach isn't around it usually results in lots of crying--me-- and very little clean up. Thank heavens for hardcore husbands)
Zach, (still holding Dailah up by the armpits) "What should I do?"
Tesi, "Put her in the sink and we'll take her clothes off there."

So we put her in the sink, find out the poo has not only come out her pants, socks, shoes, etc, but also up her shirt. Zach says he heard the noise that usually accompanies a poo and thought nothing of it until he smelt the foulness. Anyhow, the connundrum was how do we get the shirt off without giving her a poo face? I tell him I'll start a shower and we can just put her in there fully clothed and let it all wash nicely down the drain.

So I'm getting the water lukewarmish and he's hanging with her. Then he says, "Help!" So I put down the showerhead (it's old school down there, like the one my grandma has in her house that comes of the nozzle to reach in places I don't want to think about) and run to help. He didn't listen to my logic of undressing in the shower and has her undressed with no poo face (I'm truly impressed) but it's time to get rid of the diaper. We decide to get a plastic bag, have her stand it in and just let gravity do it's dirty work.

All this is done and he takes her to the shower while I dispose of the nastiness. I hear, "Tesi!" Well that showerhead I had just plunked down was unfortunately facing OUTSIDE of the shower itself and I now had a nice Nile River plunging through my bathroom.

Alls well that ends well. It was not a good day for Dailah. She fell and hit her eye, resulting in a black eye. Fell and hit her head, resulting in a bump and crapped her pants, almost resulting in a poo face.

Moral of the story: I may have enough love to mother many, many children but I don't have near a rough enough stomach to deal with their vomit, poo or anything else disgusting.


Julie and Tony said...


Great blog today! I was actually laughing out loud.

I am sorry to hear that you didn't make it through court yesterday. We were hoping you two would have, so that you might have been traveling with us, since your son is so close in age to our daughter Fantaye.

I hope your date in court comes soon. We will be watching and reading for when it does.


Amy Marie said...


You are too funny. I was laughing out loud thinking of you and Zach with your little poo incident.

I love reading your blog!


Mama Sweet Pea said...

Oh I am laughing soo hard! Those are the day when you just want to go sit on the couch with a glass of wine and say to heck with it all!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for that court will be so soon!!

John said...

If I move to camp, I'll help with poo face.

Lori said...

Amy kept telling me to read your blog. Everytime she said it she started laughing. I finally got around to reading it. Hopefully everything moves along nicely. I also have many a poo story I could tell. I'm smiling just remembering.

Tarah said...

Ok Tessi,
No one else is going to say it, so I will. Coming home from Ethiopia, everyone gets to know something called giardia. This is the greasiest ( seriously) stinkiest, most foul poop you can find. My 7 lb girl cleared rooms!!! It is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, get some masks and line them with a scent. Pray God can teach you to breath without hurling on your own child.
Good luck girl!
Great post!

Anonymous said...

I just about fell out of my chair laughing! I can just see Dailah sitting there calming looking at you guys running around like chickens with your heads cut off! Ha ha!! Ahhhh...the joys of parenting : )