Friday, January 18, 2008

In Perfect Harmony

Hubby is home, Trysten is watching cartoons (pardon us, mommy and daddy needed a little catch up time), Dailah is sleeping, the computer is back in my arms. Things are as they should be...with the obvious exception of Tariku. He is not where he should be right now and that makes me more and more sad each day.

Just a few days and the house destruction will commence. This morning one of the Camp's staff rang our door bell, knocked on the door and 2 seconds later (I didn't have enough time to hop off the couch and answer the door that is about 15 feet away) he just walks right in with three other guys. Did I mention I'm excited to have this place a "home" rather than just another camp building?

Nothing insightful today, just had to make a note of how I took a deep breath today, let my shoulders relax and knew it was okay. Zach is back and Tariku will be soon.

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