Thursday, January 03, 2008

Caucus Iowa

Never been more proud to be an Iowan than I am tonight. Great turnout for the caucuses. I love the fight in even the smallest of states.

The latest things I love about being a mom:
--Dailah makes this "yum, yum" sound when she gets hungry. She puts her tongue between her lips. Could be the cutest thing.
--Trysten likes holding his sister's hand. Whenever we go to walk somewhere, she puts out her hand towards him and he grabs it and off they go. When I'm working out, I can see them through some windows walking hand in hand to the kids gym.
--Trysten said the other day that he misses his brother. He says this a lot and is asking with more frequency how much longer it will take until he's home.
--When Dailah is really tired she actually leaps out of your arms to her crib when we get close.
--Tonight Trysten told me in the car that he was really tired tonight and just wanted to go straight to bed instead of getting his 2 minutes hanging out upstairs. Who does that?
--Tariku has touched lives in the most extraordinary ways. We haven't even met him yet!

Latest thing I love about being a wife:
--I'm married to the most ridiculously good-looking, smart, hilarious man.

Latest things I'm sad about:
--My sister-in-law, Kait, left today to go to Chile for 7 months. There are no words for how happy I am for her and there are no words for how selfishly sad I am that she's gone.
--Still no word on travel for Tariku.

Overall, my happy column far outweighs doesn't it? I am one lucky lady.

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