Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2 Things

So my eldest brother-in-law likes to preface things he's going to say by saying, "Two things". So I wanted to start this off Frankie style just cuz I love him so much.

1) Trysten is probably the best almost 5-year-old I know. I am more and more proud of him every day. I look at him and truly believe God put the best of Zach and the best of me and made him. Truly remarkable. Speaking of remarkable, his hair is amazing.

2) I love living out at camp. Sunday Zach and Trysten went on a hike through camp for a couple hours. They came back muddy, happy and toting a deer antler. Scary but pretty cool.

Biggest Loser time. Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Papa Frank said...

I agree about the T-Man. He is an awesome little guy. I watched him take care of his sister and cousin today at the Y. I love having you here.