Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've mentioned before how much I love my husband because he is different than any man I've known. So he started reading this book by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of "Eat, Pray, Love) called "The Last American Man". It's basically about a dude who lives in the woods and eats what he kills, wears what he kills, etc. Well he became what one might call "obsessed" with the book. He now wants to name our son after the guy. I also just logged onto my amazon account and noticed he recently purchased 4 (read that, 4, they were small and cheap but still 4) books on the wilderness and loving nature and deadly/edible plants. The guy is crazy.

I must admit I read that order and just smiled. One of those smiles you get when you're first dating. Like you have a secret the whole world doesn't know but should. I guess my secret today is that I love Zachary regardless of his poor taste in literature.

I'm also smiling because I've had a REALLY fun day with the kids. Dailah has been saying her favorite word, Julio, and saying it over and over because she knows I can't help but love her more when she says it. Trysten has been singing and telling good stories, making me tear up, the usual.

Oh, and I'm smiling because I just finished off another batch of cookie dough. YUMMMMM!!

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