Sunday, February 17, 2008


Last night we celebrated my brother-in-law, Frank's, engagement to Emily. We went to a nice place downtown and then walked to their apartment for dessert and drinks. LOTS of fun! I've always thought in my head (and ventured to say out loud once in awhile) that I feel like everyone who meets the Klipschs, wants to be one. Perhaps it's just because I love being one so much...tough to say. Anyway, last night I had no doubts. When we got to the apartment my BIL, Jake, obliged me and did his famous shin slaps (or tibia slaps, depending on who you are talking to) with just his boxers on in front of quite a few strangers and some family. It was a big to come as soon as I know how. Then Frank and my husband challenged each other to walk on their hands down the hallway. Frank went first, using his toes on the wall (while scuffing them nicely) for support. Then Zach went, as you can see he didn't use the foot method. It was quite amazing and I was proud of him until...his foot went through the blinds on the window and knocked down the nice herb garden they were growing. Luckily everyone thought it was funny and no one was mad; except Zach's mom who pulled on his ear a few times and demanded he cleaned up after himself. Either way it was a lot of fun and here are the pics to prove it.

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