Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're Going To Party Like It's Your Birthday

We had Trysten's birthday party today, though tomorrow is his real birthday. It was a lot of fun and secretly emotional for this mommy. Especially when I look at pictures. His face is slowly becoming more little man-like and less baby-faced. Enjoy these pics, tomorrow I will probably get a bit nostalgic AND I promise some nasty VERY pregnant Tesi pictures. Yikes!


ChiTown Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Trysten! Thanks for sharing the photos. It's very selfish on my part, but it was great to see some current pics of Ollie and Eli, since their daddy (and mommy, for that matter!) have really been slacking with the pictures lately!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Trysten! I love you very much. You are indeed turning into a "little-man" and have been growing out of the little baby stage. I am enjoying watching and experiencing your life from day to day. We are all SO blessed to have each other in our lives. May we all see as many birthdays of our loved ones as God will allow! love, Grandma T

Chatter said...

I love the family picture!! Your have such a beautiful family Tes!