Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Just got off the phone with our agency. In short, it looks like we'll have another 2-3 weeks until we get a travel date (which means, we won't actually travel for 5-6 weeks). Needless to say, there are no words for how unbelievably sad I am.

I was surprised at how easily I fell in love with Tariku by a picture. The bad part to that is that I've loved him as my son for 4 months now. Having him so far away feels about as bad as it would (God forbid) if anyone took Trysten or Dailah for that long. Hearing we'd have to wait so much longer, well it's pretty much unacceptable to me right now. I've already put in a call to a travel agent to see how much it would cost to fly me, possibly Zach, and the two kids to Ethiopia so we can live there as a family until the Government can figure out how to make this family complete.

I'm just ready. Have I said that yet?


Cassie said...

i'm sorry. that's not good. i'll be praying for your patience. a trip to ET to wait sounds doable, right?

Mama Sweet Pea said...

Oh Tesi,
That is just horrible! What is the hold up?? Your heart must be shattered. Sending you HUGE hugs.

Cindy said...

I cannot believe that it is going to take sooooo long! What in the world is going on?? I will be thinking of you lots and lots.

Mrs. Baker said...

What? What is going on? Would you mind emailing me and giving me a heads up on what is going on?

I would love to chat about all of this!

Chatter said...

Oh Tesi,
You should have called!! I'm so sorry. I just stopped by and I would call but I know it's probably too late. That and I know how it is when you don't feel like talking. If you need an ear, give me a ring tomorrow. I'll be around. Big HUGS! Sorry to hear about the news. I hope you can work something out to get their sooner.

Thinking of you!


I've actually wondered the same thing about staying in Ethiopia during the wait! I mean- come on- that is FOREVER for a waiting parent, let alone for the child! Thinkin' of ya.