Friday, February 01, 2008

I Heart Democracy

I'm better today. Not great, but better.

Stop me if you've heard this before, but...My husband is the most amazing guy in the world. He took the bull by the horns and started calling every congress, senate, state representative, judge, parking nazi, ANYONE who could help us get our I-600A through. He is too good to be true and I'm quite convinced I've done nothing in this life to deserve him. He seems to be making headway but I refuse to get my hopes up until it's in writing.

Tonight at dinner Trysten said, "Mommy, on Sunday we need to bring money to church." After some discussion it was discovered he thought we needed to bring money to give to someone else. Who does that when they're 4?

Also today it was popcorn day at the Y. In the car Dailah was eating popcorn (which she usually doesn't) and Trysten said, "Mom, you know why Dailah didn't like popcorn before?" I said, "No, why"? "Because God was still working on her." Though perhaps a bit misconstrued, the fact that he thinks of God continuously working on us (and making us into lovers of buttery, salty treats) is absolutely awesome.

I love my life. Once we get Tariku home and I'm in the throes of motherhood I will have *hopefully* forgotten what this feeling is like. It is honestly made a bit easier with these 3 humans I get to call my husband, son and daughter.

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