Thursday, February 21, 2008

What The February?

Dailah woke up every hour or so last night. Time for the doctor. She has a double ear infection, tonsilitis and infected adnoids. What the February?

And seriously...we went to the McDonalds playland while waiting for the doctor's appointment (I know, I know, bad mommy) and I was sooooo close to calling Super Nanny on some of those parents. Yikes! One kid close fist punched Trysten and the parent had the audacity to say, "He's younger than you." I had to "kindly" tell the mother that in fact, the kid was older than Trysten (truth be told I almost punched her in the ovaries and told her I was younger than her, but thought the cops would not find that nearly as funny as I would). Nice try. What the February?

Sunday night's "Brother's and Sisters" had a funny moment when Sally Fields is telling Callista Flockhart that now that she's a mom, she's just got to suck it up. Even if you're sick, even if you feel like sleeping all day. You just have to suck it up. It's funny, I don't even remember a time when I could just lay around and sleep off my various infections. I've had an ear infection for the better part of two weeks. Instead of sucking it up, I'm passing it on. Nice work, TL.


Cindy said...

Seriously laughed out loud....punching her ovaries...he he he he he

Mama Sweet Pea said...

You go girl! And I think all mom's who are sucking it up...we should all escape to a warm beach somewhere to recover!!

LCMomX4 said...

Amy and Frankie took German in high school, well so did Anthony, but anyway they would say What the Funf! Funf is five in German. Your what the February reminded me of that.