Thursday, February 07, 2008

Still Nothing

We will hopefully hear something tomorrow but if not then (eek) Saturday. I will keep you posted.

Unfortunately, I will be heading out of town (to St. Paul, yay St. Paul friends) tomorrow at noon and will be gone through Sunday night so probably no blogging. I might have to have a guest blogger (i.e. my hubby) post any news.

This weekend I'll be heading to another training. Working out from 8-5 Saturday and Sunday sounds like a great way to take my mind off everything.

Off to come up with ways to get some sleep tonight!


Cassie said...

ok, i keep coming back to your blog "just in case"...even though i think it's like 3:45 AM in ethiopia right now.
sorry no news. anxiously waiting...

Angie H. said...

I keep checking your blog also. I will continue to pray for success.

Mama Sweet Pea said...

Wave on your way to St. Paul!! My fingers are still crossed for you! Hang in are sooooo close!