Friday, February 08, 2008

Alanis Morrisette (Guest Blogger-The Husband)

It's like raaaaaaaaiiiiiiiin..........On your wedding day
Its a free riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.........When you've already paid
It's the good adviiiiiiiice..........That you just didn't take
And who would have thought.........That my wife would be gone the day that such big news has happened in our lives and she can not blog about it to everyone in the world.

Isn't it ironic, just you tink.

I purposely chose the word "tink" in the final line because it is so much funnier to say. I will prove it, sing the last line with tink in it really loud and then compare that to using the word "think". See how boring the line is with think in it.

So apparently I have a big job to do today. My wife is out of town all weekend and wouldn't you know that this is the day that our paperwork in Ethiopia is approved and we are now allowed to post our picture of Tariku on the internet.

An additional pressure that has been put on me is that right as I was getting off the phone with my wife a minute ago, she says to me, "and be funny, I told everyone you were really funny." So, I got that going for me......which is nice.





So there is a really embarrassing story that happened to me one time and it is pretty funny. One time I was sitting on the floor next to our bed before our kids bedtime. Trysten was jumping on the bed and attempting to get into his PJ's at the same time. A little while later he climbs onto my shoulders. Then he sits down on top of my head. This in itself is not out of the ordinary. I regularly put him on my shoulders and let him stand up on them sometimes as well. The odd part of this story is that Trysten was sitting on my head. Again, not unusual, however this time he was buck naked....that was unusual. So basically I was tea-bagged by my 4 year old. For those of you, Leslie, who do not know what tea-bagging is, ask your husbands. They know.

Well, I am spent. I hope you enjoy the beautiful picture of our new son Tariku. We are excited to introduce you all to him once we are able to welcome him in as part of our family. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.


Mama Sweet Pea said...

He is gorgeous! Now as for the guest blogger being funny....remains to be seen...might have to let him have an encore performance!

Congrats you guys! He is perfect and God is sooo good!


Cindy said...

I thought your story was great! I laughed hard actually. Thanks for stepping in Dad! You did a great job.

Cassie said...

HE IS BEAUTIFUL!! seriously beautiful. and zach...i find you quite funny. good job.

Amy Marie said...

He is amazing. The picture brought a smile to my face. I can't wait to meet him! Congrats! Much love

Angie H. said...

Thanks for sharing his beautiful face to us all. What a blessing!!! Zach- seriously tea bagging!!!! I'm still laughing, that is the Zach I know and remember!!!

LCMomX4 said...

He is beautiful. Let me know when I can add him to the family website with all the details. This is going to be the slowest/fastest, funnest/craziest time. I'm thinking good thoughts for your whole family. Love, Aunt Lori

Mrs. Baker said...

Oh....just way too amazingly beautiful!!!!