Sunday, November 29, 2009


It did happen here too, but I've been enjoying all the things I'm thankful for and I've just forgotten to blog. But here you have it, the thanksgiving blog-4 days later.

Every year we begin the thanksgiving events with the YMCA's Turkey Trot. I run the 1 mile and Zach runs the 5 mile. I LOVE this family tradition. This year, Zach took Abe and they of course made quite the impression.

On the way to the Turkey Trot, Doozie was feeling a little under the weather.

The 1 mile runners. The boys were big fans of sprinting then walking, sprinting then walking. Made it tough to actually run a mile but it was lots of fun watching them get excited.

Waiting to spot daddy and Abe. Puh-lease can't believe I get to call them mine.

Sadly, the only picture I have after the trot is this one. Doozie with 2 of her aunts. Emily and Leslie. The rest of the time can pretty much be summed up by the fact that I wanted to go to bed at 6:15.

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Andrea said...

How fun! We just ran in our first Turkey Trot this year. Ours is a 10k. Loed the pics!