Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just So you Know...

tomorrow I want you to participate in "The First Gift" campaign. $10. Ask everyone you know to donate $10 tomorrow. Tomorrow I want every blog I go to, every Facebook status and every tweet (I'll have to picture it since I'm not actually on twitter) to be talking about it. Because this could be huge.

On another note, getting so very excited for water weekend. Multiple reasons. But today, I got an email from this woman. An incredible, loving, beautiful, amazing woman, wife and mommy. She's coming. I am so. excited. to see her. Though I got to travel with her to Ethiopia and got to see her again at the Mehaber, this will just be different.

There's been rumors that another friend of mine from a certain state up north might come but I'm waiting for him to confirm (ahem, Tony).

But tomorrow. Ready, get set...

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