Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ooops hadn't seen our Halloween pictures yet. Here you go, friends. Won't happen again. And what is this? Day 4 of will-post-every-day-in-November.

Zach loves experimenting with the camera. I like this experiment.

Could you get lost in those eyes too? Tonight he told me his favorite part of the day was when we got to snuggle. Mine too, buddy.

My nephew, Oliver. I LOVE this boy. LOVE him.

MMMMMM scrumptious.

No idea whose car that is. Couldn't be ours, we keep ours pristine.

My good friend, Lynn, putting on light up bracelets for the kids. Great treat!

Had to stop by my sister's pharmacy for trick-or-treating.

How much do you love my other nephew, Elihu, right now? I love this picture because this is how he looks at me. He looks at me like he loves me so much but doesn't want me to know. Like we have a little secret. Like I'm his favorite aunt ever (that's just a guess).

She was so very excited about free candy.

When we stopped by the pharmacy Dailah had to get her reading time in.

The bats.

Small resemblance perhaps.

The annual cousin photo.

Baby Cates LOVES Tariku and clearly the feelings are mutual.

This picture CRACKS me up. More Zach playing with the camera. This time he told the boys to jump around with their Lynn bracelets. Tariku couldn't resist a little cheese.


Nicole Anderson said...

I love seeing pictures of your cute kiddies! Thanks

Andrea said...

Love the pics... so cute! Great camera effects!

LCMomX4 said...

My niece and nephews are all so darn cute. I love how close all the cousins are. They are so sweet.