Monday, November 16, 2009

1,000 People

That's the number of Liberians who will taste clean water for the very first time because of readers like you who participated in $10 Friday. When you do the math, you get...

over $10,000. In one day. In less than 24 hours. $10,000.

That. is. incredible.

We got that "news" when we were setting up the space for the party on Saturday. And honestly, though I was/am a bit overwhelmed with the details, it put it all in perspective.

Who cares about centerpieces when 1,000 people will have clean water?

When moms won't have to watch their children die.

When girls can go to school.

When stories of generations will carry on because multiple generations can survive in one family.

Because of you. Because it's water and the other stuff just doesn't matter.

What an awesome day. Thank you so much to those participated in any big or small way.

Thank you, God, for giving me perspective when I so desperately needed it.

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Chatter said...

Thanks Tesi!! Love ya and I too wish we lived closer. We really need to plan a get together. Thinking it should be a spring camp trip. What do you say?