Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Wondering...

is it a full moon out there tonight or something? My normally really well behaved, loving kids gave into the devils on their shoulders A LOT today. Argued with each other, talked back to me, lots of lies, totally ignoring me. It was just a weird day. I'm not at all exaggerating when I say they so rarely do that. But because they weren't listening my patience was short. And because my patience was short, the kids were in 7:02.

I'm guessing all of our behaviors have been out of whack because Zach has been gone for a few days. No one has voiced that exactly but we're all looking at each other like, "What do we do without that guy?" or maybe even more so, "You're a lot nicer when he's around." Lord knows they are thinking that about me as they lay their freshly bathed heads down on pillows tonight.

So when I was checking in on my blogs I came across this one. Because this Friday will be a big day for Water for Christmas. I hope you guys are joining, I've heard from many of you who are. But this blog put the words so perfectly that I'm feeling today.

How to be a mom to my three beauties and a sister to those around the world. How to be a wife and a woman trying hard to provide a few wells to Africa. How to be in the here and now and be making lists of everything that needs to happen within the next week.

I love all of my roles, I really do. But what I've learned these last few days is that all my roles are more special and more vibrant when I've got my man by my side.

So this Friday. Go here to get all the tools you need for it. Zach will be back then and so will my personality. :)


cathy said...

when the kids don't get along, it's just plain rough. hope tomorrow is better.

TJRF said...

It's totally his absence! Take it from an "on the road salesman", my wife can feel your pain right now!

Looking forward to next week!

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Ummmm.... Mine were "grounded to the couch" last night... I'm thinkin it's the weather :)

Scarf one is done almost, Scarf 2 is started, and Africa is about to be painted tomorrow! :) John is even liking my projects and wants to help now :)

Tiffany said...

God designed men and women to be perfect compliments, so of course we feel amiss when they are away. I'm sure the added stress of next week's event isn't are an amazing woman, wife, momma, and helper to those in need all over the world. Keep it up and take a deep breath.