Friday, November 20, 2009


The kids have been saying A LOT of funny things lately. I've forgotten most of them but I wanted to record one from Trysten because I think it shows just how old he's getting.

Last Saturday I asked all three of them to clean up before bed. So they clean up for approximately 2 minutes and all come out to tell me they're done.

So I begin to stand up and say, "Ok, so any toys that are on the ground or are not where they're supposed to be are getting thrown away."

Trysten, without missing a beat, says, "I did not see that one comin'!" Then proceeded back into the toy room to complete the mission.

I just thought that was hilarious.

That's all I got for today. Tomorrow is the party. Right now it feels a little bit like I have a big track meet tomorrow. It's that nervous-excitement-let's-just-get-it-over-with feeling. Ready to break ground on some clean water. Ready to introduce more of the Quad Cities to this most essential task.


rebekah said...

I say that too about throwing stuff away. I got it from my sister, and I used to think she was mean for saying it, but hey, you do what works!

Good luck this weekend - it will be great and successful and I'll be cheering you on from up here!

Jess said...

oh I use that one all the time! But my kids know how insane I am about getting rid of things so I think they believe I really will toss their stuff:)

Hope you have a great turn out this weekend! I'm so proud of you Tesi!

Tarah said...

I think all moms use that line. :) Love it.
His response is awesome. I love the maturity in it.
Hope tomorrow is fabulous! You inspire me in so many ways.

Cindy said...

That is great!

AnnMarie & Nick said...

I've used the line, "If you can't put your toys away and take care of them we'll give them to kids that can." Which we ended up doing. There were tears and I felt bad doing it, but what's a threat if you're not going to follow through? Anyways, now when we pass Goodwill Cullen says, "There is that store where you brough our toys." It's made quite an impression and it's been over a year.