Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Fun Begins

And now for the fun.

Part of the event Saturday will be the auctioning off of the Africas I told you about a few posts ago. Those were just a glimpse!

Now, I know most of you can't make it to the party but we want to give you a chance to bid on the Africas as well because THEY ARE AMAZING.

So go here and bid away. There is a place to leave a message with which Africa you're bidding on and what your highest bid is. We'll bid for you the night of the party. Highest bidder wins.

Seriously, check them out either way. What has been most rewarding about party planning is seeing local artists, bakers, and "laymen" get around this idea and just go with it. The Africas are the perfect example of this. Every single one, I want every single one.

So go. Bid. Rest assured if you pick the ones I want (not telling you which ones) I'll outbid you, so bid big!


Terre said...

You are SO right! I want them all too. Bless you for living your life for others. I cannot be prouder to call you my daughter (in law) I love you.

Chatter said...

I have it narrowed down to 2 and I'm definitely putting in a bid. Wish we could be there!! Have a great time.