Monday, October 13, 2008


Yesterday we had a baby shower for our dear friends Dan and Becky and their baby girl, Cates. There were the traditional baby shower games but this time it was the men competing and it made for entertaining pictures.

Seriously, the camera loves this guy.

The honored guest and hotflawedmama.

Cates and momma Becky.

The dads before the competition (they were asked to dress in their Olympic best).

The boy cousins. I know, too cute.

Her favorite toy of all time.

Getting into she and Eli's favorite spot that day...

The doghouse

The Klipsch men drinking milk out of a bottle (they won).

Doozie copying her favorite daddy.

Smelling baby food

The final two, in their best beauty pageant stance.

The kids felt left out so they had a race to end the day.


Matthew and Amanda said...

Who's the hottie in the green shorts?!?!



Kerry and Tom said...

taht looks like the best baby shower I have ever seen. The flag shorts guy wins for best out fit.. I am dying!!