Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Recently Seen at the Klipschs...

While I'm cleaning...

Doozie got a new tube of lipstick from her grandpa and wouldn't let it out of her sight today.

The kids also got ring pops (which I still love). Buuurrr, it's cold outside!

Taken 30 seconds after Dailah grabbed Zeke's hand and dragged him up the hill saying, "Mere Zeke".

Dooz likes introducing Kora to all things girl.

Look at this cake, unbelievable.

And again...when asked what Zeke wanted for a cake he said, "chicken". So there you have it. A plate of chicken and rice.

Can you blame me for not being able to resist posting this?


ChiTown Girl said...

I can't remember - are Zeke and Kora twins? Sooo cute, all 5 of them!!

I just realized what a stupid question that was...there are TWO birthday cakes, aren't there?! DUH!!!!

Kerry and Tom said...

what a beautiful family you have.
and that is the BEST cake I ever saw in my life...... your a great mom