Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So legos are a Godsend. Often when Trysten comes home from school he's a bit of a bearcat. Long time at school with lots of stimulation equals lots of fighting between my boys when they get home. But not with legos. Legos are amazing. I heart legos. I'm buying stock in legos. That's it, I love legos.

If you all could smell through the computer you would probably gag. As of yesterday there is a very distinct smell in our house. I think it's death. I think a dead mouse is hiding somewhere and I've turned over every couch, bed and closet to try to find it to no avail. Zach got in the vent that I thought was the source and saw nothin'. Any ideas?

While you think of the smell of death (mmmm) here are pictures from our day.

So she "talked" me into putting makeup on her today and look at her lashes. SERIOUSLY. She gets those from her daddy.

Oliver in his cheetah costume.

This kid LOVES animals. Need proof?

Oliver let Tariku borrow his Spiderman costume for Halloween and Tariku's only taken it off for the 3 hours he took a nap today.

Snugglebugs with her aunt KK.

It's coat season...and red kool aid season apparently.

SOOO excited about his orange coat!

My bro-in-law, Frankie andhotflawedmama.

This is where Puddin' and Doozie were all night at Frank and Emily's. They're BFF AND cousins. How lucky!

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LCMomX4 said...

I wished I would have gotten the K eyelashes. My are short. The kids are all so adorable. I wish I lived closer so I could visit with them.