Thursday, October 09, 2008


My sister has been living with us for a month. It's going surprisingly well. We've always got along really well but had our moments of sheer, unadulterated fighting. Since she has lived on the east coast for 4 years it has been really nice getting to hang with her so much and watch our TV shows and laugh at the same stuff. It's definitely reiterated why I want Doozie to have a sister (I'm not breaking any news here, just lamenting) because my sisters really are my best friends.

Anywho, I realized tonight after spending more time with Zach than I have in that month (he always gets kicked out so we can watch our girly shows, he's such a good guy) that I totally miss him. He's a good dude and even though it's been awesome getting some sisterly bonding time, tonight reminds me why I married the guy with the handsome face and good assets.

And he's watching ER with me right now, I mean do they get any better?

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