Saturday, October 04, 2008

To the ER We Go

Yesterday was another "doozie" as they say.

Didn't feel well when I woke up. Tried to teach a class. Came home and crashed then went downhill from there.

Decided to have my sister take me to the ER as I was a bit nervous the past would be repeating itself and I'd wake up in an almost coma with an infection that turned septic.

Got to the ER with a 103.5 degree temperature. As the nurse said, "No wonder you feel like shit".

And indeed I did.

After a few hours, some pain meds, some fluids and some anti-nausea medicine they let me go.

Presumably a viral infection, which I'm so thankful for.

So I head to Chicago today to experience what we in the Les Mills world view as our mecca.

It's called Super Quarterly and tomorrow, pending my energy level, I'll have the opportunity to try out all 8 Les Mills programs. That would mean working out from 7-6. Regardless if I actually take the classes, I'm going to sit in on them and bask in the awesomeness. I'm so excited even my foggy head and belly ache can't handle it.

I'll see you on Monday. Peace in the Middle East.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, honey, I hope you feel better. At least the weather is gorgeous here in Chitown this weekend, so that should help! :)