Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well today was the day that we put all of our collected backpacks for foster kids together. And let me tell you...




250 backpacks full, each one has: pajamas, toothbrushes, undies/6 diapers, snacks, stuffed animal/blankets. Each backpack had an age (example 5t girl) and would get a bag with what a 5t girl would need.

The support of the community and you out in blogland was most amazing. I got choked up many times thinking of the little girls and boys who would get the message. Of love, of understanding, of support.

In the shape of a backpack comes a big ole' hug and I am so thankful you all have made the public so very personal.

(More pics at Jody's)

The empty bags.

Toothbrushes and treats.

Stuffed animals, blankets, diapers and undies.

The warriors.

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