Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

The kids went trick or treating tonight. I got my teeth worked on. I'm in pain so there won't be much humor here. Just letting folks know that I've come up with reason #4,000,615 why adoption is a good idea.

The dentists blame my teeth problems on pregnancy. Seems the babies sucked all my calcium from the teeth and used it to grow or something. Either way I'm in pain and not happy about it.

But then I saw these pictures and suddenly, I feel better...or it's the Tylenol 3, hard to say.

Preparing for candy.

Dailah "Cinderella" and auntie Leslie.

She "insisted" on make up.

Trysten "Batman"

I know, he's uuber cute. Tariku "Superman".

The troops ready to march on the Davenport streets.

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