Friday, October 10, 2008


Went on another hike around camp today. The bugs were TERRIBLE and we'll probably wait to do that until after another frost or two. (Or with some major bug spray this time)

But I was able to capture some great pics which is really all that matters.

The snake Zach caught for Trysten. His name is "Racer X" or just "X".

Me and Dailah in the getup she's getting too big for.

She is kind of perfect.

Boys getting the worm that will be X's food.

Doozie gazing at the frog her daddy caught for her.

Isn't he perfect too?

And these are just some of the bug bites that riddle us after the hike.


Kerry and Tom said...

ouch!!! the bugs are horrible here too i can hardly stand it!!
I think you win the cutest family award this year.

ChiTown Girl said...

Trysten's poor little forehead makes me itch just looking at it! :( Poor baby. I bet the rest of you look just the same, huh? Glad to see you still had a good time.