Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Interesting Mom Day

Today was my day on the panel for the ex-governor's wife. I'll go more into it tomorrow but I'm watching the debate.

Just had to say...after being on my "I'm a good mom" pedestal, Zach (he wanted to support me and come and watch) and I walked outside only to realize we were already 30 minutes late to picking up my eldest at school. So...I say this to let you know that I am indeed a hotflawedmama.

And what did I do to make it up to him? Got him ice cream and let him go to my Bodypump class (which he's wanted to do for a year).

What a day.


rebekah said...

my sister forgot to pick up her youngest yesterday and the school called to remind her. and she is the scheduling queen.

A family in Iowa. said...

I want a picture of you in your professional woman gear!!!!!!