Monday, May 12, 2008

Tri-lingual at 3?

One month home...that's just hard to believe. Tariku has done so remarkably well, I literally couldn't have written a better beginning to this story of ours.

Did you know this kid can speak English? He hit some sort of turning point this morning and now says complete sentences and phrases. It's quite remarkable. 4 years of French only got me to remember how to say fish, yes please, my name is and I need chocolate and wine. He's a genius, I KNEW it. But truly, I am just so proud of him.

Had a wonderful Mother's day that started with the opening of a gift certificate for a 90 minute massage (Tarah why don't you live closer?) I LOVE massages but it's something I never buy myself so I was greatly pleased with that present. I think Zach's just thankful he won't get asked for a back rub for a few days now.

Had a very productive day today. After training a few clients, we went to get the car estimated finally (only a few months after the accident) then went to Hy Vee to stock up on milk, bread and peanut butter. After all this accomplishing I talked myself into buying fried chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies and...OREO FLUFF!!!!!!!!!

I was first introduced to oreo fluff by the Klipschs. They could purchase 4lbs of it and hammer it down in a single night. Turns out Tariku could keep pace with that as he was quite comfortable stuffing his mouth with it as well. I was particularly proud of Dailah, as she was just as proficient with the fried chicken as she was with the fluff. Love a girl who knows her way around a chicken bone.

Wednesday morning brings our social worker for our first post placement report. In that time I need to restock the pantry, clean, do some laundry, do something cool with Tariku's hair and teach him to say, "My mommy's so great she should teach all other mommy's how to be so good!" Truth be told I'm most nervous about completing the cleaning.

May 30th....Sex and the City movie....who's in?


Tarah said...

You are an amazing mommy Tessi!

Hey, change the family picture at the top already!!!!

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

In... for sure

Mama Sweet Pea said...

So wish I was close enough for Sex and the City...I will be hitting it here in MN.

Good luck today! And you ARE an amazing mommy!!

cathy said...

I am SO in for the movie!!!!

I remember laughing so hard at Z when he spoke Amharic, English, and a little bit of Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer. Didn't phase him in the least, although my brain turned to mush.

TJRF said...

Tesi, Too funny! I think we just had that conversation last Thursday or Friday, and now three days later (like I predicted...kinda) Tariku is following that amazingly similar time frame. So glad to hear about the English!

As for the SITC movie, Julie and I will be there for sure. We were both die hard watchers, and actually kicked the overly high priced movie channels to the curb when it went off the air for good. And no, I can't loose my "Man Card" for admitting that I watched it, because along with the girly talk and shopping, there were also some really hot necked babes on that show!