Friday, May 16, 2008

Single Mommin' It

So Zach is gone this weekend to a camping trip. Thankfully he left one of his shotguns lest anyone get any ideas while he's gone. :)

I normally wouldn't mind that he's going, in fact, I'd be downright happy for him. BUT camp starts in 2 weeks. There's just one weekend after this where I'll have a husband and the kids will have a father. After that, he's gone from sunup to sundown (and beyond) every night.

We knew this going into it and for all the perks of his job, I don't mind 3 out of the 12 months of this but it doesn't make it any easier. So I was struggling putting on my happy face while he trucked out with some dudes this weekend. But I'm sucking it up and pulled out all of our summer toys for the kids, even reassembling a few myself (shock!).

On the plus side, he left the computer this time. :) So I'm sure you'll hear a lot from me.

On another lighter note, he's on a local TV show in about a half hour. You'll find him chatting with a woman, undoubtedly being charming as ever.

And here I'll sit. Unshowered, in my pajamas (I did get up and go to the Y today but haven't found time to shower since, I know...oversharing) and eating chips and dip. The life of a single, stay-at-home mom has MANY MANY MANY perks, but today it's very unglamorous and I feel quite sorry for myself for it.

To all the bonafide single mothers, I salute you!

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