Thursday, May 22, 2008


Last night we had a professional photographer come out to Camp to take some pics. She was WONDERFUL! She stayed for almost 3 hours and just kept clicking! The kids took quite the liking to her, especially Dailah who chose to sit on Shannon's (the photogs) lap rather than get her pictures taken.

Shannon puts a sneak peak on her blog so we can see a small example. You interested? Go here for a little preview of these amazing pictures. We're the first family (obviously) but if you scroll down you can also see my in-laws (mentioned in previous post) you'll recognize them because Zach and his brother look alike and Leslie and I do too. :)



Cassie said...

wow tesi! those are great!!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

What GORGEOUS pictures!! And what sweet comments from the photographer about your family. Nothing unexpected, though, since your family is so wonderful! I see hubby got his haircut like his nephews. Does this mean that their daddy cut his hair, too? I haven't seen a recent picture of Jake, so I'm just curious!

Emily said...

Great photos by Shannon! Your family is so photogenic! Doesn't she do amazing work?!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Wow! Those pictures were fantastic. I think they really captured your family's personality! They will make such a precious keepsake.


TJRF said...

Great photos! I really like the family photo.

Funny thing, I forgot that I was at another blog, and was really confused for a second about your job??? And who would have such a new baby at the club??? Then my brainfart ended and I clicked back to your site.

Beckysblog said...

Those pictures are SO great!
Love em.

Becky (cassies friend)

Chatter said...

The pictures are AWESOME!! Have a great time at the lake; hope the weather cooperates!!