Saturday, May 17, 2008


So Dailah is sick. She's had the big "D" and vomit coming out like it's her business. This is the longest we've went without some sort of explosiveness...and it's been 1 hour and 45 minutes. She's had 2 baths since about 2 am. She's running a slight fever but nothing too alarming. Gross. Poor thing just sits on my lap and leans her head on my shoulder. If she wasn't so sick I'd rather enjoy it, but I feel bad for her.

Other than that, we're doing well. I rented the very essence of a chick flick last night in 27 Dresses and enjoyed not being hounded for my poor taste in movies. :)

Here's hoping a few things: 1) Dailah gets feeling better fast and 2) no one else gets it.


BlessedMamato5 said...

poor little girl! I will be praying for her to feel better soon. And - on the movie choices - I do the same thing when my hubby is out of town - I rent the "chick flicks" that he would NEVER watch! Hang in there - I know what it's like to have multiple children, have your husband be gone and deal with sick kiddos.

Mama Sweet Pea said...

Poor Kiddo! My fingers are crossed no one else gets it! I just ended my week long single mother stint...not the funnest, but us tough girls must perservere! Hope both you and the princess get some sleep tonight and no one else decided to join the fun! hang in there!!

Cassie said...

sorry tesi...that stinks. (pardon the pun!)