Thursday, May 15, 2008

'Cuz This is Ladies Night!

Ladies Night last night. Jody and Leslie and myself went to a great restaurant downtown and stayed chatting for 3 hours. The "waterboy" kept coming up asking us what kind of lives we had that we didn't want to go home. I commented that we had 30 kids between us (not quite, but 11 kids is A LOT for 3, young, beautiful women such as ourselves). He seemed to get REALLY scared about that.

Our post-placement report went well. Tariku forgot to mention the fact that I was the best mom but he was his normal adorable self and so we passed with flying colors. She even commented on how he seems to be bonded so well and I must admit that it's true. We are forever impressed with his ability to love us regardless of how many times I mess up. He's starting to give kisses and "I love yous" without any prompting and he allows himself to melt into my arms when he gets hurt or is sad. No more rigidness for this kid.

Trysten is just getting bigger and bigger right in front of my eyes. During "rest time" (the other kids' nap time) he likes to "work" and often writes stories (I can actually read them decently as he sounds it all out and writes what he thinks, mostly leaves out vowels) and reads books. He drops words like, "obviously" and "delicious" or even "substantial". Trysten also has natural abilities in math (which he must get from his father) and loves telling me what 5+4 equals and things like that. I am constantly enlightened and pleased with our conversations and it seems I don't have to go too far for "adult conversation".

Dailah is actually getting more, and more, and more verbal as well. She just started saying "I wuv oo" which would obviously melt the coldest of hearts. She also enjoys pooping on the potty and we're told often that we could potty train her now. Too bad we're still just too lazy. Besides, as of right now, she only tells us she has to pee after it's happened so we'll wait a bit longer. :) She'll be two at the end of July so we have some time, I'm not in too big of a hurry. One of my favorite things she does right now is to say "poo wee" when I'm changing her diapers. I also love how she calls Trysten "TT" and Tariku "T2". I really do think she'll be a comedienne as she LOVES making her brothers (or anyone else for that matter) laugh and has figured out how to make people laugh quite well. She's a little sponge and will at least attempt any word you try to get her to say. But, above all, she is best at saying, "no".

I realized I've been talking about Tariku a lot (which makes sense since we just brought him home and a lot of my readers are fellow adoptive parents hanging on every word, imagining their lives once their little ones come home) but I'd be remiss not to mention the other two who are doing very well with the whole thing as well. There was a 50/50 chance that, by adopting, we were going to screw up their lives as well and I'm happy to report that as of right now we're all doing swimmingly and I realize a lot of that has to do with my children's respective personalities. Whew, how blessed I am.

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ChiTown Girl said...

How great that you guys were able to have a Ladies' Night! Wow, Jody is my new hero, with 6 kids! How cute are your nephews with their new crew cuts?!