Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Strep Throat=sucky

Tariku, Dailah and I all have strep throat and it sucks. I'm totally wiped. Just wiped. So wiped, in fact, I wasn't able to teach my classes this morning which is so depressing to me.

Blah. That's it, just blah.

I wish we still got that pink medicine the kids get. Mine smells like...well, you know, whenever I open the bottle. So that's great.

Positivity....hmmm, Tariku had to get a strep culture at the doctor. He looked at me like, "How in the world could you have let them do that to me?"

I almost laughed, he was so cute. Then he told me that it was okay, he knew I had to let them do it.

Love him.


LCMomX4 said...

Strep throat is not fun. The last time Angela had strep she asked for the liquid medicine. Frank went to pick it up for her and for some reason they didn't add the pink flavoring. She said it was disgusting. I hope you're all feeling better soon.

Cindy said...

What a cute kid!