Friday, January 30, 2009

Ode to Dogs

Cathy has been having a hard time deciding whether to break down and get her little girl a dog. I'm in no position to advise her to say no. So here is our most recent ode to our dogs. Zach keeps measuring Abe, thinking he's small for a great dane. I keep reassuring him he's quite large, but perhaps it's because he almost comes up to my belly button. That might be why. But aren't they beautiful?


emaye said...

Have to love dogs. We're nearly finished puppy potty training... whew!

Anonymous said...

Those dogs are ALMOST as adorable as those babies!

Amy Marie said...

1- I love you dogs and hope to meet them sometime.

2-I love this post, because it makes me feel less crazy since I am constantly blogging about mine. I have always been drawn to big dogs. Great danes are pretty high up there on my list.