Monday, January 12, 2009

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar

Started to watch Mary Poppins tonight with the kids.

Absolute classic. I love it even more as an adult, as a mommy. Though I spent most of the movie explaining things, it was still good fun.

Well done, sister suffragettes!


LCMomX4 said...

I love Mary Poppins. Amy got tickets for herself as well as Angela and me for Christmas to see it live in Chicago. Frankie always liked it too.

rebekah said...

Quinn's been running around singing Step in Time. Also, It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary!

ChiTown Girl said...

One of my fellow teachers and I are working on a field trip for our babies to go see it live. I hope it works out. I LOVE this movie!

Nicole Anderson said...

I love that movie! We are dealing with bitter cold temps, what a perfect night in movie!

Mama 2 Three said...

That is a favorite at our house!
Great movie!

Matthew and Amanda said...

Too funny - that's Teshe's favorite movie -even before Cars!