Monday, January 05, 2009

Hey, Sarah Palin

So...I was looking at the map at the bottom of my screen a few weeks ago. You can move over the little stars and see more specifics on the location, and noticed one at the very top. Hmmm, which part of Alaska is this? (We have friends in Alaska, you see). Low and behold it's Wasilla. So, I can't prove this, but I think it's Sarah Palin. Either way, whoever you are, happy you're here.

That map is cool but I think mine reboots every week or so. It's rarely working right but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Anywho, my mind is just consumed lately. It's times like this when I'm really happy I don't have access to internet 24/7. Well, actually, I'm really upset I don't but also know my children wouldn't know who I was if I did have full access.

So, I guess, with that said I'm happy.

Yeah, I'm happy about it, we'll go with that.

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