Sunday, September 28, 2008


I know these are of no interest to you but their purpose is to make myself and my family feel good about ourselves. So oblige me.

The men in the backyard figuring out the tree from the STORM.

Amazing. Plus, dad fixed the fence so the 3 dogs can roam around as much as they please.

Little embarrasing here but this is my laundry room before, I know, SERIOUSLY.

And after, it's like extreme home makeover.

Again, I'm really going crazy here, the pantry before.

And, I could cry here, after.

Trysten "helping" paint the toy room (in all seriousness he wanted to help a lot but was not able to with the whole avoiding the carpet deal)


I don't have a shot of the kitchen before but the wall to the right and straight ahead, going up the stairs was not painted.

This might be the most amazing feat my mom pulled off. This is our store room and it was a DISASTER. After the floods, things were all rinsed in the middle of the room and wet and moldy and she tackled this. And organized it in the short hour and half I was at church today. The woman is quite the sight to behold!

The kids haven't had closet doors since we moved in. And I like it more with them.

My dad, with his large arsenal of tooling conquered Doozie's closet doors.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Your family ROCKS!! Obviously, you already know how blessed you are to have such a great family, but I'm saying it anyway! :)