Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Leslie

So it's my sister-in-law, Leslie's birthday today.

I know it's been said a lot here at hotflawedmama but that sister of mine is one amazing woman. In her 30 years (7 of which I've been honored to know her) she has accomplished quite a bit. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my life would have been completely different if 30 years ago her mom (Hi, Mary!) wouldn't have had her.

To my locovore sister. The woman who has taught me the simple pleasures of farm fresh eggs and tomatoes. A lingering glass of wine and 2-hour coffees. The mother who does everything right and the woman who dances when no one is looking. She's a conservative (in some ways), sexy sister of mine who also happens to be one of my very best friends.

Much love this beautiful lady today! I look forward to our next 70 years as sisters!

(And this was the only picture I have of the both of us on my computer right now!)

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A family in Iowa. said...

Well aren't you the sweetest!! Thank you, sister!!! I love you, too!

And just so we're clear, I am a tad bit conservative in some ways. But Obama is rockin' my vote!! hee hee