Sunday, September 21, 2008

Must Be Said

Since most of my friends have the displeasure of being Cardinals fans, I must state the obvious:


It was a great weekend to be a Cub fan.

And I almost forgot to tell one of my most favorite details of the weekend.

Since our tire blew on the way to Chi-town, we had to find a place up there to get it fixed. We stumbled upon a little shop called Sidney's Tire Shop where the sign out front said, "Tires on sale today!" We thought it was a definite sign.

So in we walk, right into a Seinfeld episode.

The place was literally FULL of tires. There was no desk up front to greet guests, only tires. One had to turn sideways to find the guy "Zaya" that was there. Tires, tires everywhere. The only place that there weren't any tires was in the far back where Zaya was busy blowing up our new tire that he found about 5 rows deep. He asked us to bring the car around and told us he would put it on for us and blow up the rest of the tires. As I looked around the place to take it all in I noticed the one thing that was there to "entertain" the patrons. One of those computer gambling deals with naked women. Classic, I felt entertained immediately. And what was the grand total?


It was a steal and I would recommend our pal Zaya to anyone.

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Kerry and Tom said...

This cracked me up!!!!! very funny